Magnusson Shipping are Varberg´s leading shipbroker. We handle the majority of all calls in Port of Varberg.


Export of sawn timber constitutes our main operations, with our well established liner service to UK and Ireland.


In addition to our liner service to UK and Ireland we also have frequent sailings to US ports and other continental ports world wide with sawn timber. Forest products such as sawn timber, woodpulp, pulpwood, sawlogs, board and wood pellets represents the major part of the cargoes handled in the port today. In addition to that we also handle other types of bulk cargo, general cargo, containers, and project cargoes. As project cargo can wind power projects be mentioned, which has been handled by us several times.


Throughout the years we have handled most commodities transported by ships and barges. With our long experience in the shipbroker trade, we know what is required of a forwarding- and shipping agent. We are always at your service and ready to assist in the best possible way.


Welcome to Magnusson Shipping. The leading shipbroker in Varberg.